H4 CBD (Hydro CBD) 25mg gummies. (Bulk) - 250 Pieces

H4 CBD (Hydro CBD) 25mg gummies. (Bulk) - 250 Pieces

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H4 is becoming the newest, coolest cannabinoid. H4 comes from the HHC family, so it is an hydrogenated cannabinoid, but only semi synthetic so it is legal even in states that have banned synthetics. H4 anecdotally does not come up on drug tests as well just like HHC.

Effects- In smaller doses (1/2 gummy) it can be used to relax yourself. Imagine going grocery shopping, and not having any stress whatsoever. This gummy will do that!

In larger doses (1-2 gummies) it gives the effect of having a couple glasses of wine. Relaxes you, but the bonus is it does not effect the motor skills. 


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