The Psychedelic - Kava Gummy (Bulk) - 250 Pieces

The Psychedelic - Kava Gummy (Bulk) - 250 Pieces

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The Psychedelic - You know that feeling when you take some mushrooms and you are right on the cusp of tripping, the colors start to get more vibrant, and wacky? That is what this gummy does!!

When Best Damn Gummys set out to make a psychedelic gummy we started with Kava Kava aka the “intoxicating pepper”. Kava Kava has been used for hundreds of years by islanders to help them feel relaxed, uplifted, and happy. Then we combined it with Damiana to get “high”. We also found out it was an aphrodisiac, so, naturally, we had to have that as well. We found the perfect blend of the two, combined with green tea caffeine for an extra boost, and combined those with our award-winning gummy recipe to create the "Psychedelic". We hope you'll love them as much as we do.

  • Ingredients
    Corn syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Agricultural Hemp Extract (Contributing Cannabinoids), Pectin, Vegetable Oil, Carnauba Leaf Wax, Artificial and Natural Flavor, Artificial and Natural Color.
  • Contains Coconut

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